Friday, 21.11.2014 - Wednesday, 26.11.2014 - Thessaloniki

Konferenz: Coping with crisis - citizens' perspectives and strategies

The international conference "Coping with crisis - citizens' perspectives and strategies" brought young academics from four European countries together. In the Cultural Capital of Europe 2014 they discussed in an innovative format individual crisis management strategies.

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Crisis of democracy, banking crisis, Euro crisis, debt crisis, economic crisis, crisis of confidence, party crisis.... Crises (Greek. κρίσις) are sudden changes of state and at the same time crucial turning points. In this case, these changes are perceived partly as a threat or emergency, sometimes as an opportunity. In times of social, political and economic crises individuals, groups, organizations and institutions develop their own strategies to avert crises, to cope, to overcome and/or to escape them.

The international conference “Coping with crisis – citizens’ perspectives and strategies” had an innovative format. Neither the crisis in general nor the causes of the crisis were the focus of interest but the individual and collective crisis management strategies from a comparative perspective. The conference focused on the perception of crisis symptoms from the perspective of citizens and their strategies of crisis management. In addition to that the effects of these strategies in the context of socio-political and democratic theory were reflected.

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