Freitag, 09.06.2017 - Freitag, 09.06.2017 - Kythnos

Konferenz: Cultural Paths & Sustainable Tourism in Kythnos Island

Kythnos is a small Greek island which lies on the West area of the Cycladic complex. Particularly extensive is the network of trails that, in the past, used to connect the entire island allowing farmers and their animals to access any point they wished within the island.

Nowadays trails are still there, yet not always continuous. The abandonment of traditional agriculture and livestock farming, coupled with the building of roads and other infrastructure has shifted attention away from the need to actively preserve the trails.

Completing and restoring the network of trails along with setting-up information centers on the island and using modern channels of communication and promotion will help build a branding strategy for Kythnos as a special interest tourism destination.


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