Online Debate: Civil Liberties and Social Rights under Threat?

The COVID-19 pandemic has a continuous impact on civil liberties and social rights, which is unfolding during the different phases of the pandemic and the enacted containment measures.

Despite its legal content, the limitations of negative rights and liberties are affecting directly the citizens, who clearly identify that not being allowed to exit their home infringes on their constitutional rights, but at the same time on their everyday lives. The seemingly legal debate therefore automatically acquires a political dimension as well.

The impact of the pandemic on social rights is as well crucial. What were the lessons learned during the global financial crisis? How will the financial burden of this new crisis be allocated?

Is there a progressive approach – in terms of extend and criteria – to this necessary limitation of fundamental rights? Could progressives develop concrete and specific policy proposals with respect to legal theory, in order to shape this liquid environment?


Introduction: Ulrich Storck, Director, FES Athens

  • The Constitutional Dimensions of the Pandemia - Xenophon Contiades, Professor of Constitutional Law, President of Tsatsos Foundation
  • Surveillance and Data Protection - Lilian Mitrou, Professor of Data Protection Law
  • The Impact of the Pandemia on Employment - Ellie Varchalama, Legal Counsel in the Greek General Confederation of Labour (GSEE), Vice-President of the National Commission for Human Rights
  • A Progressive Approach - Marinos Skandamis, Secretary of KINAL for Civil Protection, f. Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice
  • The Role of Civil Society - Maria Gavouneli, President of the National Commission for Human Rights, Designated by the Greek League for Women's Rights

Chair: Fotini Kokkinaki, Journalist, HumanRights360 Communication Officer

Conference languages: Greek - English

Please register through this link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_4xlldDC-RiG8kZV5wGtLhA


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