The Greek political landscape 2019-2021

The FES Athens’ publication on the position of the Greek political parties in the political landscape and the position of their voters in now available.

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This publication is the outcome of a successful collaboration between a group of experts on Greek politics with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung office in Athens and Kieskompas (Election Compass) in Amsterdam. The graphs in this publication show the position of political parties in Greece in a two-dimensional political space, based on stances on 35 salient policy issues in the contemporary public debate. The heatmaps referring to the party voters were created with the use of representative survey data from Greek citizens collected in June, 2021. The survey questionnaire contained the same questions that were used for coding the party positions.

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The Greek political landscape 2019-2021

The Greek political landscape 2019-2021

Athens, 2022

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