New analysis: "Bridging Divides: Berlin’s Diplomatic Role in Greek-Turkish Relations"

Read the new FES Athens publication on Germany’s Diplomatic Role in the Greek-Turkish Relations.

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The new policy brief of FES Athens “Bridging Divides - Berlin’s Diplomatic Role in Greek-Turkish Relations”by Ronald Meinardus delves into the diplomatic efforts of Germany in navigating the complexities of Greek-Turkish relations, offering valuable insights and perspectives on this issue. It explores Berlin’s pivotal involvement in Greek-Turkish relations since 2020, emphasizing Turkey’s foreign policy adjustments as a key catalyst in the current rapprochement. Furthermore, it discusses Germany’s role as a mediator, navigating the balance between neutrality and solidarity with EU-partner Greece and how the subtle German involvement led to facilitating dialogue between the two states following a period of tension in late 2022. Finally, it examines Germany’s policy towards Cyprus and its pledge to prevent conflict and foster stability in the region.


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