Wednesday, 27.06.2018

Greece and the EU in 2035 - The future revisited

A workshop to discuss the future of Greece and the EU.

The discussion on Greece´s future after the program exit is starting to gather momentum. In the workshop “Greece and the EU in 2035 – The Future Revisited we will present three potential future scenarios on how the country might develop. The scenarios were developed as part of the “European Future Summit 2017”, jointly organized by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the European Academy Berlin, and first published as a scenario report. (Klick here to download the paper) 


Based on the presentation, participants will discuss these scenarios, assessing their assumptions, their predictions, and their plausibility. The objective of the workshop is to develop a response to the proposals of the aforementioned paper, highlighting reforms in Greece and at the European level that are necessary in order to put the country on a sustainable road to recovery. The results of the workshop will be published as response-paper to the original scenario-report. 


The workshop takes place on Wednesday, June 27. The workshop is designed for academics, think tank experts, actors from organized civil society, as well as political practitioners from Greece. Interested in participating? Email us at info(at) for the possibility of an invitation.


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