The Recovery Plan in Greece. Setting the course for a climate-neutral and digital future?

Our latest publication analyses how the Greek economy has suffered due to COVID-19, describes the debate in the country about the way forward, and points out the issues adressed - and overlooked - by the Greek government in its RRF plan.

Greece was expecting to take another step on the road to recovery in 2020, following its long economic crisis. However, the coronavirus put an abrupt stop to this process. The pandemic has exposed some of the economy’s structural “soft spots” as well as stretching Greece’s limited budget to the limit. Athens is pinning most of its hopes for a recovery the money due to start rolling in from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF). Greece’s RRF plan comprises 18 proposals, with the green transition and the digital transition dominating the programme. You can find more details about the plan clicking on the link below!


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