The Green and Digital Future of Work in Greece Towards 2050

Read why policymakers and social partners in Greece should collaboratively and proactively define and elaborate on the specific goals of the green/digital transition (and how this will transform the labour market), as well as on the possible paths towards them.

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Charalambos Tsekeris and Epaminondas Christofilopoulos analyse scenarios of how work will change in the future and how we can overcome the challenges within. Work is a field closely interconnected with all aspects of life. It is expected that the twin transition (green and digital) will profoundly change labour markets and skills, in response to which social and economic cohesion must be strengthened. In this raplex (rapidly changing and complex) environment, it is required that people, trade unions, governments and international institutions first understand the emerging challenges and then take appropriate policy actions to address them. For that the three work/tech 2050 scenarios produced by the Millennium Project provide a comprehensive and valuable basis for longer-term thinking and highlight a number of aspects that require coordinated global policies.

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